Haggle Free Isn’t a Myth When New or Used Car Shopping

The first tip is to never buy on the first trip to the dealership. Many prefer haggle free car buying, but it is practically impossible if one wants to get a good deal. There is no shame in finding the lowest, best deal before signing as it’s near impossible to get out of it afterwards. Be aware that many dealerships are okay with matching prices as well, so taking a day or so to shop around is smart.


For the most haggle free car buying experience, do some research. Anyone that walks in with actual car facts, pricing and even quotes will find that there will be little to no dispute at the offer presented. This basically shows them that they can’t mark the vehicle up too much and ensures the very best deal on buyer’s terms. Just be sure any car facts have all the options included to be safe.

Many are surprised at how much easier it is to obtain the vehicle they desire when they are well prepared. The salesman or woman is just doing their job, but they will want the buyer to be a bit distracted or excited, not to mention unprepared so they can make some more money, and undoubtedly the experience won’t be haggle free car buying, it’ll be all haggling which let’s be honest is very frustrating.

Here’s some pertinent information to gather before heading to the car lot; the more the better.

• A current credit report and score
• New car values from online sites
• Car loan pre-approval letter
• A smartphone, laptop or other device to look up information
• Insurance quotes
• Trade-in value as well as fair market value
• Extended warranty quotes if desired

Remember to keep eyes on the prize. Start by checking out the MSRP sticker which should be on every vehicle by law. All the information needed should be on this sticker. Not every car has every option, so make notes of what they have and don’t have. The salesperson will try to get buyers from leaving without making a deal, but anyone that wants the closest to no haggle car sales should walk out and come back later even better prepared, even if it’s the next day.

After leaving, it’s time to shop around for comparable deals. Be sure to tell each salesperson met that’s what is happening. Also, make sure they know there will be no purchase today. This will hopefully keep them from putting on the pressure. Even telling them a no haggle car sale is the goal may work. However, be aware of some of the offers to keep buyers there. They’ll offer no money down, throw out big figure savings, and ask what will make them buy today. This gives the illusion they are willing to do anything. Just say no! If they’re honest salesmen they’ll have nothing to worry about and believe it or not, there are dealerships that have no issue making great deals and being patient.

Final Thoughts

With the information necessary on the make, model and various options on the vehicle of the buyer’s desire they will be well prepared to have a no haggle car sales experience because it’s near impossible to argue with the facts. With the right research, one can see exactly what others have paid for their dream vehicle recently and in their area.

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By Terry Clark