Five Stress-Killing Methods to Finding a Trustworthy Used Car Dealer

When in search of a reputable and trusted used car dealer, it is easy to get disillusioned. It is important to remember, however, that there are countless quality establishments out there that look out for their customers, offer fair prices, and sell dependable automobiles. Here are some proven methods that will assist with locating these places of businesses, and help buyers purchase a vehicle with confidence rather than trepidation.

1. Avoid Sellers That Use Fuzzy Math Pricing Games.

Some establishments look to pad their bottom line by tacking on exorbitant fees for services that should be included in the retail price. Things like “adjusted markup” and “market value adjustment” are just fancy terms that a seller may use in place of saying “here is where I make my money.” Negotiate these fees out of the price. If that is not acceptable, go elsewhere.

2. Stay Away From Businesses That Mess With Titles.

Plain and simple: If a vehicle’s title is not clean, it is probably not a good purchase. If a seller has a gluttony of automobiles with salvaged titles or titles riddled with accidents, then something is wrong. These vehicles could have been purchased through auctions, from insurance companies, or even from junk yards. If a used car dealer is filling the lot with the likes of these automobiles, chances are he is not someone to do business with.

3. Give Vehicles the Eyeball Test.

The first thing to do when rolling up to a lot is to take a look at all of the vehicles available. Do they seem beat up? Are they full of scratches? Is the paint finish dull or faded? If the autos seem in good shape at first glance, get out and look more closely. Check out the condition of the tires, the interior, and the engine. If the vehicles seem clean, it is probably safe to at least test drive the car and take it to a mechanic for further evaluation.

4. Watch out for Finance Shenanigans.

When working with a used car dealer, homework must be done to ensure that the financing he is offering is not a form of price gouging. Compare interest rates and fees to those of local and national banks and lending institutions before accepting a horrendous loan. If the loan offered seems legit, do not be afraid to ask questions, and make sure that everything about it is clearly understood. Nothing feels worse than buying a vehicle at a good price only to get fleeced by thousands of dollars when it comes time to finance it.

5. Steer Clear of Overly Pushy Extended Warranty Schemes.

Depending on the situation, an extended warranty on a pre-owned vehicle can be a good thing. It is unclear how the previous owner treated the auto, so it may not hurt to have some insurance if major repairs are needed down the road. However, if a used car dealer will not utter a sentence without mentioning the “great warranty” that is available, chances are, he is banking on the warranty to pad his profit margin. It is also smart to know the carrier of the warranty, where it is honored, what the total cost of it is, and what deductibles the customer is responsible for in the event of a repair.

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By Anders Abadie